About us

CONFLOW SPA founded in 1976, has been designing, manufacturing and servicing industrial ON-OFF and Control Valves, Pressure Reducers and Heat Exchangers for over 46 years.

Almost fifty years of experience combined with Research and Development has enabled the company to reach high technological levels.

All strategic components are manufactured in-house, with Industry 4.0 CNC machines of the latest generation. All the finished products are 100 per cent tested con water and nitrogen technology test benches depending on the intended application.

CONFLOW SPA delivered each year in 84 countries more than 3,000 valves and 500 heat exchangersfor a total value of over 5 ,1 mln Euro.

The total turnover is realised at 7 6% in the domestic market and at 2 4 % in the foreign market.An extensive network ofRetailers and Distributors guarantee on-site technical and commercial support. High customer satisfaction is expressed in the full conformity of products (equal to 99.9%) and the history of ongoing customer relationships. The management system Quality UNI EN ISO 9001 certified since 1996, represents the organisation’s cornerstone for future development by always carefully assessing risks andopportunities.

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Providing quality products and services, highly specialised and customised to the customer’s needs through a technical sales team capable of analysing technological processes and responding to requests quickly.


To be a point of reference for process solutions by analysing and thoroughly understanding customer requirements, thus pursuing full customer satisfaction.


Ensuring ‘Quality’ is a duty. Demanding ‘Quality’ is a right!