Ensuring ‘Quality’ is a duty. Demanding ‘Quality’ is a right!

With this principle, the company, founded in 1976, has been active for over 48 years in the design, production and service of:

  • – Pneumatic and Motorised Control and ON-OFF Valves
  • – Self-operated pressure reducers
  • – Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels
  • – Components for industrial plants

The Society is founded


First Pneumatic Control Valves Industrial Series start production


Production starts on 'Short' Series Pneumatic Valves


The president Mr. Costantino Lazzari, founder with Eng. Gianfausto Penzo of the company, dies. Three directorates are created to ensure the company's development. Mr. Gianna Lazzari became Administrative Director, Mr. Roberto Lazzari Technical and Plant Director and Mr. Luciano Pojano Commercial Director.


A long commercial collaboration began with the Spirax Sarco group, which purchased the entire line of Pneumatic Control & ON-OFF Valves from Conflow Spa and distributed it on the European market.


Production starts on the new 'Uniflow' series of multi-spring pneumatic valves


A production licence was acquired from O.M.V. for the production of the RP13 self-operated pressure reducers, and production was moved to the Agrate Brianza (MB) plant.


The new sales sector for the foreign market is created


The company is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001 : 1994


Introducing the RP10 Series of self-actuated gearboxes


The new 'Uniworld' series of pneumatic valves is produced and receives funding for technological innovation in accordance with DL 140 of 28/05/97.

The company acquired a business unit producing heat exchangers and pressure vessels. Greenfield Srl is founded


The product range is certified according to PED Directive 97/23/EC


Conflow Spa becomes official Power-Genex Distributor for the Pilot Positioners, Converters and Accessories range


The Company certifies Pneumatic Valves according to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC


The new Pneumatic Cage Valve Series (anti-noise and anti-cavitation) is designed and manufactured


The company implements certification of its Quality Assurance system according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 with Det Norske Veritas


The entire range of Power Genex positioners is certified according to European ATEX 94/9/EC in Ex ia (Intrinsically Safe) and Ex d (Explosion-proof) versions.


The pneumatic linear actuator range is tested and certified for use in low ambient temperatures down to -50°C


The range of control valves and pressure reducers is EAC certified


A new wing of the headquarters was inaugurated, with a meeting and training room dedicated to customers, new offices and an R&D lab with a steam pilot plant.

The high-pressure valve test line (250 bar nitrogen gas) for oxygen and cryogenic gases was created.

Product conformity with PED Directive 2014/68/EU - ATEX 2014/34/EU is updated


GREENFIELD srl is liquidated to incorporate all the prductive activities of the Exchangers and Recipients Sector into CONLFOW SpA, the GREEN Line is born


The company implements certification of its Quality Assurance system according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 with Det Norske Veritas


The new CNC and Industry 4.0 machining centre were added to the machine production department.

The new Vtop Pneumatic Valve Series is designed and manufactured.


The new assembly hall is inaugurated


The entire industrial site is completed with 5 warehouses dedicated to the various production activities 2900 m² covered area, 400 m² uncovered area and 960 m² of appurtenant areas. All sheds heated and air-conditioned.

The company is certified according to the UKCA Directive for the UK market, in addition, Module H in Quality is implemented for all PED-UKCA valve modules

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Ensuring ‘Quality’ is a duty. Demanding ‘Quality’ is a right!


Ensuring ‘Quality’ is a duty. Demanding ‘Quality’ is a right!